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Refugiums are great for nutrient export, pH stabilization, and micro-organism propagation.  Designed for use with a variety of filter media and substrates, these hang-on refugiums bring all of the benefits of under-tank sumps to smaller systems, without the cost or complexity. 

Our refugiums help to create a more diverse, natural and balanced environment for your reef inhabitants.

Stick On Refugiums

Our in-tank refugiums are the easiest way to improve biodiversity in any aquarium, while naturally cleaning your seawater.  They're great for growing Copepods and other natural foods your fish and reef will love.  They're also ideal for acclimating new fish, or sheltering vulnerable livestock in your system.  


Designed to work with Chaetomorpha (Chaeto) algae and other macro algae, they install directly in your tank or sump.  The natural water flow around the refugium is all they need for circulation - they require no power, and are virtually maintenance free.  Just install them anywhere with moderate light and add macro algae.  As the macro algae grows, it can be discarded, or shared with other hobbyists.

How do they work?  It's simple - NextReef Stick On Refugiums provide a sheltered area for macro algae to grow.  The macro algae, like Chaeto, feeds on the same nutrients (Phosphates, etc.) as nuisance algae, essential starving the nuisance varieties while naturally scrubbing your waterStick one to the back of any aquarium, or install them in a sump for additional filtration.

Which size is best?  We feel you can never have too large of a refugium - if you have the room, choose the larger size.  Multiples work great, too.

Where can I purchase Chaeto?  Is it expensive?  Your local fish store is always the best choice, and it's usually available from other local aquarium enthusiasts.  Online livestock retailers also offer Chaeto.  It's inexpensive, and virtually impossible to kill.

Like all NextReef products, they're made in the USA.

Specs and Sizes:

        Stick On Refugium - Small (6" x 3" x 6") - Aquariums up to 50 gallons

        Stick On Refugium - Large
(12" x3" x 6") - Aquariums 50 gallons and up


Hang On Back Refugiums

External Refugiums are coming soon...